The Top 5 Musicals of All Time


Theatre performance is one of the most enduring forms of art and over the years, it has given us the best entertainment we could hope for. There are a lot of theatre performances and musical shows that made us cry, fall in love and made us believe in the beauty of life.

After scouring through different lists of the best musicals of all time, we have compiled and put into a master list for you to know which of the musicals are worth- watching.

  1. Wizard of Oz (1939)

wizrd of oz

  • Judy Garland brought life to a girl who got lost in a magical world and only wants to go home. On her journey to get home, she met different magical creatures that accompanied her on the road. As she follows the yellow brick road to get to the wizard who can help her get home, she and her newfound friends teach us the importance of family.
  1. An American in Paris (1951)

an american in paris

  • The story revolves around three friends who are trying their best to establish their lives in Paris. Things got more complicated when the two men fell in love with the same woman and become torn because of their friendship. Equipped with beautiful ballet choreography and heart- felt songs, this ‘50s musical hit will surely tug a string in your heart.
  1. West Side Story (1961)

west side story

  • It’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet but this time, instead of two rival families, it’s two gang rivals in New York. The two fell in love with each other but as the conflict between their opposing gangs worsens, their feelings each other will be tested if it’s strong enough to withstand everything.
  1. Grease (1978)


  • This ‘70s musical reminds us the feeling of bliss from young love. Danny (John Travolta) and Sally (Olivia Newton- John) fell in love with each other over the summer. Here comes high school and they found out that they’re in the same school. Together with catchy songs and outstanding choreography, “Grease” left its mark up until to this day.
  1. Sound of Music (1965)

sound of music

  • Who would forget Julie Andrews’ stellar performance as an Austrian woman who left the convent governess for the children of a widowed Naval Officer? No other words are needed to justify how beautiful the arrangement, songs and choreography for this classic hit.

Musicals have long been part of our culture and we hope that it will stay for a long time more. As long as the people continue to enjoy and patronize this craft, it will be here to stay to be witnessed by the future generation. Not only it serves as a great medium of expressing one’s individuality and craft, it can also help in expressing emotions and coming into terms with your imperfections as musicals can cater different genre and themes.