Atlanta Georgia Best Indie Music Fest 2017 – Irrevelant Music Fest

When promoter Kyle Swick of Irrelevant Music arranged the inaugural Irrelevant Music Fest in 2015, it was a labor borne of both love and discontent. “The concept behind this celebration sort of came about via the disappointment of seeing all these big business celebrations appearing in Atlanta, and not seeing a ton of regional love on the costs,” Swick informed us in an interview. “I wished to do a fest for Atlanta music, about Atlanta music, and cost effective to local music fans and artists alike.” 

With 20 bands spread out across 3 days and two venues, the lineup was extensive but not extremely so, and it had the tendency to concentrate on artists with which Irrelevant Music had actually constructed a working relationship. Completion outcome was an occasion that felt more like a celebration and gathering of buddies than it did a conventional celebration.

Musically, the acts lean to punk and indie rock, however with Pyramid Club, Sequoyah, Pamela_and her boys, and Mannequin Lover all slated to perform, Atlanta’s underground electronic and industrial noises will be well represented. If you had to point to a shortage in the lineup it would be an absence of regional hip-hop, although Awful Records’ Lord Narf will be there at some point to launch the celebration into the stratosphere.

You may also have observed that the second edition Irrelevant Music Fest has broken somewhat from last year’s locals-only mantra to consist of a handful of out-of-town artists. That may rub a few individuals the wrong way, but it’s actually difficult to complain when those acts consist of can’t-miss bands like angular mind-blowers Palm, DKA stalwarts Boy Harsher, and grunge pop trio Daddy Issues. Have a look at the full lineup on the flyer below.

Another change, nevertheless, that will bug substantially more individuals, is the shift in location from the all ages Drunken Unicorn to the 21+ just Earl. That will leave younger fans out in the cold, although all programs at 529 will remain 18+. On the positive side, a post on Irrelevant Music’s Facebook page notes that next year “will be less age limited for sure,” which indicates Irrelevant Music Fest III is just 365 days away.

The Festival starts on July 20-22 and it’s SOLD OUT already.

Sold Out Tickets To Altanta’s Best Music Festival But We Won Free Tickets

Fortunately, we found local piano movers in Atlanta, GA that were giving away tickets to the sold out the Irrevelant Music Festival that’s coming up! I have to give a proper shout out to Piano Movers HQ for hooking us up. Can’t wait to see the ridiculous bands that are going to be there. Nothing like local Atlanta bands with some sweet Georgia Tea!

Check more info for the Music Festival here.


Effects of Social Media in Today’s Communication

social media

Social media has been part of our society nowadays and it has become a powerful tool of communication. It also provides a platform for people with different culture, opinion and views to compare their thoughts about the different issues that our world faces nowadays.

The primary use of social media is, indeed, connect people to their loved ones who are in a different place but it also a place where people express themselves virtually. This article discusses the effects of social media on how we communicate, not only with the people close to us but also, with the people all over the world.

Social media became an online universal complaint center

A lot of people have been using Twitter and Facebook to express their grievances and it sometimes, local authorities also respond through social media. These usually happens especially if a certain issue needs an immediate action or resolution for a certain issue.

twitterIt became an online news portal

It is very easy now to know about a certain issue that piqued the interest of the people. Since social media is free for all and you’re free to share whichever information you have, it’s very easy to make something viral. However, this powerful feature of social media is sometimes being used to do anomalies and sometimes blackmailing for concerned parties.

Encourages social interaction

Due to its open nature, social media promotes interaction among like- minded people who have the same goals, aspirations and sometimes, even, grievances. They also get the chance to share their knowledge for people who are interested in a certain kind of craft.

Build community

Social media served as a virtual hub where people with the same interests can convene to share thoughts, ideas and strengthen bonds among themselves.

Improves communication

facebookMost of the devices nowadays are capable of connecting to the internet and run applications used in communicating with other people. This innovation also gives an alternative for people who are using the internet in communicating with their loved ones.

Helped in raising awareness

As more people are using the social media, it became easier to raise awareness about a certain topic that concerns the majority of the people. When a certain topic is not being covered by different media outfits, the people take it into themselves to exercise their freedom and responsibility of letting others learn of a certain issue that will affect or currently affects them all.

Though social media gives an immense power to influence others, there is no freedom with no responsibility. A simple miscommunication can make or break a person’s reputation that he or she will bring for the rest of their lives.


The Top 5 Musicals of All Time


Theatre performance is one of the most enduring forms of art and over the years, it has given us the best entertainment we could hope for. There are a lot of theatre performances and musical shows that made us cry, fall in love and made us believe in the beauty of life.

After scouring through different lists of the best musicals of all time, we have compiled and put into a master list for you to know which of the musicals are worth- watching.

  1. Wizard of Oz (1939)

wizrd of oz

  • Judy Garland brought life to a girl who got lost in a magical world and only wants to go home. On her journey to get home, she met different magical creatures that accompanied her on the road. As she follows the yellow brick road to get to the wizard who can help her get home, she and her newfound friends teach us the importance of family.
  1. An American in Paris (1951)

an american in paris

  • The story revolves around three friends who are trying their best to establish their lives in Paris. Things got more complicated when the two men fell in love with the same woman and become torn because of their friendship. Equipped with beautiful ballet choreography and heart- felt songs, this ‘50s musical hit will surely tug a string in your heart.
  1. West Side Story (1961)

west side story

  • It’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet but this time, instead of two rival families, it’s two gang rivals in New York. The two fell in love with each other but as the conflict between their opposing gangs worsens, their feelings each other will be tested if it’s strong enough to withstand everything.
  1. Grease (1978)


  • This ‘70s musical reminds us the feeling of bliss from young love. Danny (John Travolta) and Sally (Olivia Newton- John) fell in love with each other over the summer. Here comes high school and they found out that they’re in the same school. Together with catchy songs and outstanding choreography, “Grease” left its mark up until to this day.
  1. Sound of Music (1965)

sound of music

  • Who would forget Julie Andrews’ stellar performance as an Austrian woman who left the convent governess for the children of a widowed Naval Officer? No other words are needed to justify how beautiful the arrangement, songs and choreography for this classic hit.

Musicals have long been part of our culture and we hope that it will stay for a long time more. As long as the people continue to enjoy and patronize this craft, it will be here to stay to be witnessed by the future generation. Not only it serves as a great medium of expressing one’s individuality and craft, it can also help in expressing emotions and coming into terms with your imperfections as musicals can cater different genre and themes.



Evil Dead, the Musical in Charlotte NC – Our Review

I went to awesome show last night in Charlotte, North Carolina with a good friend of mine that I was visiting. It was hysterical. The show was fantastic and didn’t know what to really expect. It was at the Knight Theater and couldn’t ask for a better night. Surprising thing was that one of the stars on the show was a local piano mover in Charlotte, and couldn’t believe that how good he was. The Knight Theater itself was great and enjoyed the refreshments. I would highly recommend you check out Evil Dead the Musical, the synopsis is below.


Evil Dead – The Musical, the hilarious, record-breaking Canadian musical (created by George Reinblatt, Frank Cipolla, Melissa Morris and Christopher Bond) tells the outrageous story of five college friends spending the weekend in an abandoned cabin in the woods after accidentally unleashing an evil force that turns them all into demons.

The original production, based on the Evil Dead film franchise, opened 12 years ago in Toronto and enjoyed an immensely popular run, with 150 productions eventually presented in cities around the world with sold-out houses and rave reviews from critics.

“Evil Dead – The Musical is the most fun you can have at the theatre. It’s a show everyone loves – even if you don’t love musicals,” said Corey Ross, president of Starvox Entertainment. “Since being called ‘the next Rocky Horror Show’ by The New York Times, the show is primed to tour, so all can enjoy the evil fun.”

Those familiar with Evil Dead – The Musical will remember that audience members sitting in the designated “Splatter Zone” get covered in fake blood as the production incorporates some fun ‘real-life’ effects during certain scenes. In addition to some dismembered limbs, demons telling bad jokes, and catchy tunes (“Look Who’s Evil Now”, “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons”), the show features a saucy combination of wit and sexual innuendo that keeps audiences laughing out loud.


Find an awesome Piano Tuner

Issues emerge in pianos as in various other musical tools, however there are great deals of minor problems which you could correct on your own as opposed to sending it to a technician for repair works. Think about the following straightforward tips to mend your piano on your own:.

Piano tuning is really easy if you have a great ear for bad audios and bad notes . For proper tuning, you must uncover the cord that is making problem. You need to make use of the tuning lever and the mutes for this objective. There are numerous pianos that have 3 cords for a single note, so harmonic such type of pianos you must slide the mute between an outdoors cord and the cord close to it, and then hit the secret. If the note appears great, it implies that you have actually discovered the cord that was making problem, so readjust this cord with the tuning lever appropriately.

It takes place sometimes that you are unable to press a specific secret of your piano. There is simply one factor behind it that something could be obstructing its way. If this problem emerges, just open up the piano cover, take a flashlight and attempt to inspect if there is something in or around the faulty secret. When you locate it, eliminate it thoroughly.

It may be due to a broken cord if your piano goes out of song. If this is the case then eliminate the broken cord and bring an exact cord from the piano parts center. Piano cords could cut your hands like a knife, so be really careful when you take care of these cords. When drawing out the ruined cord to guard your eyes, it is very advised to put on a goggle.
Piano Repair require a professional expertise and tools. If you’re looking for  piano tuners in chicago, these guys are great.

You must furnish on your own with needed piano repair service tools if you would like to mend your piano. Complying with are some crucial piano repair service tools that you must possess if you would like to mend your piano:.
Damper Cable Regulatory authority: This is a tiny device utilized to relieve the cord, and to loose the felt bushing which is discovered around the damper cord. This device is important for both new and aged pianos.

piano tuning chicago

Specialized screwdrivers: There are numerous screwdrivers available available right now, however you could not make use of any sort of among them for the piano. There are 2 screwdrivers specifically utilized to mend pianos called with activity flange screwdriver and double head offset screwdriver. The activity flange screwdrivers assist you to reach the screws heavily stashed in the piano, and the double head offset screwdriver aids you to reach into the tight spots. So, you must possess these 2 screwdrivers when fixing your piano.

Secret Leveling Tools: Secret leveling tools feature a key decline gauge and a sharp adapter. These tools are utilized to readjust the dip of the tricks. In some cases, piano users feel that the dip of piano tricks is also little or excessive when they press the tricks. In this situation these tools are utilized to make all the tricks plunge evenly.

Hammer Work Equipment: Hammer job tools feature jigs, head removers, extractors, drills, butt borers, and shank presses. These tools enable you to eliminate the aged hammers from your piano. Hammer job tools are commonly utilized for square marvelous pianos and recommend great used piano in chicago.

There are numerous pianos that have 3 cords for a single note, so in tuning such type of pianos you must slide the mute between an outdoors cord and the cord next to it, and after that hit the secret. If your piano goes out of song, then it may be due to a broken cord. If this is the case then eliminate the broken cord and bring an exact cord from the piano parts. Piano cords could cut your hands like a knife, so be really careful when you take care of these cords. In some cases, piano users feel that the dip of piano tricks is also little or also considerably when they press the tricks.


What to Look For When Buying a Piano

piano-91048_640Acoustic Versus Digital:.

There are advantages to both electronic and acoustic pianos. If the main objective is discovering to play the piano, an acoustic piano is most effectively. An electronic piano has lots of functions that serve for various other objectives such as collaborating with songs software program, experimenting earphones, and playing a variety of audios. The piano activity of an acoustic piano has virtually ONE HUNDRED components for each secret which offers a considerably greater degree of efficiency. The innuendos of touch and pedaling allow far more meaningful efficiency on an acoustic piano.

Upright Versus Grand:.

If area and budget plan are restricted, an upright may be a great selection. A splendid piano supplies premium touch and tone. The upright activity of embed a splendid piano provides faster repeating compared to the straight hammer movement of an upright piano. The length of the tricks past the autumn board is better on a marvelous piano compared to on an upright providing much better take advantage of when playing black tricks and in between black mains. The audio of a marvelous piano jobs into the area, not into the wall surface. You could be amazed at exactly how very easy it is to put an infant splendid piano considering that it looks great on all sides and could be positioned in an edge.

Now that you have an idea of what kind of piano to buy, you really need to find the right movers who has years of experience in moving pianos. We highly recommend the best piano moving in Denver, to help you move your piano if you’re in the Denver area.

New Versus Made use of: acoustic-piano.

Getting brand-new could be a great option if budget plan is limitless. It comes with dangers. A piano does not reach its comprehensive possibility up until it has had an opportunity to period and end up being barged in. It is tough to evaluate the top quality of a brand-new piano till years down the line. If there are any type of significant production issues in a piano, it will certainly nearly constantly proof itself within the initial couple of years. Made use of pianos could supply significant worth yet you need to have know-how in order to make the appropriate purchasing choice. Elements consist of the top quality of the maker, and also the past of the certain piano concerned.

New: Handmade Versus Manufacturing Pianos:.

Eastern manufacturing pianos amounted to a portion of hand-made American and European pianos. They are most ideal purchased virtually brand-new or brand-new since once they break, it does not pay to recover them considering that they are so low-cost to start with. American pianos are a passing away type. We have actually gone from over 300 suppliers before WWII to 3 firms generating pianos in the Usa today. While every person understands Steinway is a fantastic piano, there are numerous various other piano firms that created pianos equivalent to Steinway which could be acquired for a portion of the price if you understand exactly what to seek. Due to the fact that this is a fading away product, there is enduring worth in these tools and it could be advantageous bring back Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Sohmer, Chickering, Baldwin and lots of various other wonderful American pianos.

Utilized: Rebuilt Versus Reconditioned:.

Unlike individuals, pianos do not age unless acted on by outdoors pressures, specifically atmosphere and usage. A piano that isn’t really played significantly and has actually invested its life in a steady setting in relation to temperature level and moisture could just call for replacing in order to accomplish a superior degree of efficiency. This holds true of some first class pianos FIFTY or 75 years of ages! Various other pianos too much more youthful might call for restoring which includes elimination of the strands and plate, and full repair of the 10,000 components throughout the tool. While this is extremely expensive, the superior cost of brand-new hand-made pianos makes this financial investment rewarding for the ideal tool. Another great option is to visit your local Chicago piano dealer if you’re looking to buy a used yamaha piano on sale in Chicago. They’ll treat you right and give you the best deals in town.

Dimension Issues:.

With pianos, all points being equivalent, larger is much better. This is because of the much longer strands and larger sound board which supply improved tone. It is crucial to match the dimension of the piano to the area. A bigger piano creates additional quantity. You should evaluate the acoustics and function of the piano to establish just what dimension is ideal for the room. We updated this post.


How To Deal With Music Going Digital

best music

My individual music collection is massive. Did I actually require several versions of Clementi’s Sonatinas, Opus 36? Did I truly require my own copy of every book of every piano approach that I might think about teaching?

My collection of music has actually been pieced together from lots of sources. Many of the music is music I have actually bought.

One of the good things about having a big collection is that when it comes time to appoint a brand-new book to a student, I can typically take a fresh, unused copy off my shelf, offer it to my student for instant use and ask the student to acquire a brand-new, replacement copy for me. We can utilize the brand-new music right away, marking it up with fingering and practice pointers, and experience no interruption to the knowing series that can happen when a student orders a book and waits days or weeks for it to show up.

Is Digital Sheet Music The Answer?

I was delighted by its capacity for music display. Piano music has actually generally been released on 9 x 12 paper, and the music we print from our computer systems usually determines 8.5 x 11. In spite of the smaller sized size, the dream of changing substantial stacks of printed music with one display gadget that has instantaneous access to everything is a terrific dream!

If you’re looking for a local Piano Movers San Diego, is the best way to go. Read all of their Reviews. They are courteous over the phone and professional. It really shows that they have had over years of experience. I highly recommend that everyone give them a try if you’re serious about your music.

To this point, I have actually explored even more than 50 apps for showing music on a tablet. These apps have their excellent points, to be sure. Many of these apps are incredibly unrefined and inflexible-especially when compared to the more classy apps for reviewing publications and books.

To see where digital sheet music could be goinged, consider my current experience purchasing a book utilizing the iBooks app on the iPad. Incredibly, the book appeared on my iPhone as well as my iPad due to the fact that both gadgets are connected to the exact same Apple account.

When reviewing the book, I had the ability to alter the size of the print at will and can even alter the display font style. I might look and highlight areas up words. The iPhone understood precisely where I had last turned the page if I left off reading on my iPad and later on continued on my iPhone.

I had the choice to leave it on my different gadgets when I was completed checking out the book. I likewise had the choice to eliminate it from them in order to conserve area. Due to the fact that the book was bought with my Apple account, I might be positive that the book was offered totally free download at any time in the future– presuming that I had an Apple gadget to which to download it.

And Now The Trouble Begins

I right away ran into the issue that the book is handled by a DRM (digital rights management) scheme. In this case, my book is tied to my iBooks account. If she were to appoint her iPad to my account as a short-term expedient in order to download my book, she can be locked out of her account for 90 days.

Some of apps on these gadgets provide a sensibly with dignity method of lending digital material to an additional individual. They normally have some type of DRM when it comes to the purchase of digital media. One of the huge grievances voiced on the Internet has actually been that specific business need an active credit card on file in order to preserve access to previous purchases.

A few of these problems will most likely disappear in the future as business end up being more proficient at keeping the difficult results of DRM in the background. The huge problem, nevertheless, that practically nobody is talking about, is that of ownership of digital media.

In the old days, when you bought a piece of sheet music, you most likely thought that you possessed the piece. The rights to copy, record, carry out in public or synchronize with moving images were generally preserved by somebody else (excepting, of course, for music in the public domain).

There were no constraints on offering or reselling away your copy when you acquired a physical piece of sheet music. Because sense, you had the music.

When the media is provided by electronic download to your computer system or mobile gadget, the world of digital media is rather a little bit various– particularly. Usually you have no chance to provide or resell away your collection of DRM-protected digital media.

Let’s state, over the course of a prominent music profession, you invest $20,000 buying DRM-managed audio recordings, books, films and sheet music. There is usually no system for passing on your digital accounts to somebody else who is then empowered to merge those accounts with their own accounts. Your successors could be able to utilize your numerous digital media accounts if they understand your passwords and have gadgets that can be distinctively tied to those accounts.

Non reusable IP

Throughout the last 20 years, we appeared to have quietly slipped into a period of non reusable media. We have extremely quick and hassle-free means of buying access to books, audio recordings, motion pictures and sheet music.

George F. Litterst is a country wide understood music teacher, clinician, music, author and entertainer software application designer. A classically trained pianist, he is likewise a multimedia artist who deals with state-of-the-art pianos in his doing, teaching and various other expert tasks.


Best Piano Moving Company Ever!

piano movers hqSo I know that I’ve written about this company before, but I’m again still blown away the piano moving service provided by Piano Movers HQ. A good friend of my from Seattle actually needed their piano moved and I was wondering if there a branch of Piano Movers HQ in Seattle, and it turns out they just must have opened a new branch out there. I told my friend to go with them if they want professional service since the founder of the business was someone who actually performed pianos. I mean I believe the dad who started the company was a professor at Oberlin Conservatory as a professor of performance piano. I know that Oberlin is one of the best private schools in America. I’m so happy to hear that their business is continually growing and really happy to support small local businesses. From my friend’s experience, he told me that the guys from Piano Movers HQ came on time and was professional through the entire move. They wrapped up the piano to completely protect it and moved it quickly but very safely. It looks like they know what they’re doing, which is always comforting to know. Anyways, my friend moved his baby grand piano into his new home and can’t wait to see him over Christmas. It’s going to be awesome.


Piano Movers in Chicago and Piano Movers in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for one of the best piano movers hq in Chicago, you have to go with They moved my Steinway Piano for half the cost of another moving company quoted!! They are excellent and have only been professional in moving my piano. There is nothing else I could say but give good praises for this company. I know that they truly care for the pianos cause they’ve been not only moving pianos for the past 100 years but they also been selling pianos. They’re truly an amazing business and so happy that I went with them especially in Chicago. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re looking for a amazing Los Angeles piano movers, I also recommend them because they also have a branch in the los angeles area. My friend was looking for piano movers in Los Angeles and found these guys. They were awesome! I hope they expand to different cities because they are truly an excellent company. Also watch this video below about movers accident. Yikes! Go with guys you can trust. Or don’t be Russian! haha