Best Piano Moving Company Ever!

piano movers hqSo I know that I’ve written about this company before, but I’m again still blown away the piano moving service provided by Piano Movers HQ. A good friend of my from Seattle actually needed their piano moved and I was wondering if there a branch of Piano Movers HQ in Seattle, and it turns out they just must have opened a new branch out there. I told my friend to go with them if they want professional service since the founder of the business was someone who actually performed pianos. I mean I believe the dad who started the company was a professor at Oberlin Conservatory as a professor of performance piano. I know that Oberlin is one of the best private schools in America. I’m so happy to hear that their business is continually growing and really happy to support small local businesses. From my friend’s experience, he told me that the guys from Piano Movers HQ came on time and was professional through the entire move. They wrapped up the piano to completely protect it and moved it quickly but very safely. It looks like they know what they’re doing, which is always comforting to know. Anyways, my friend moved his baby grand piano into his new home and can’t wait to see him over Christmas. It’s going to be awesome.